Electric bicycles

The Fun-Bike company produces electric bicycles of a various range and power.

We repair and convert electric bicycles, scooters, skateboards, wheelchairs, screw guns and other electric appliances running both on ion-lithium batteries and other, less common types
Our batteries are built using the latest types of cells to ensure the longest durability possible. Top speed and other parameters are set according to our clients' needs ( default 16mph or more, up to 60mph, throttle on the handle bar).
Your electric bicycle can be equipped with an LCD display, LED front and rear lights, theft alarm, USB charging point and other electric solutions tailored to your needs.


- effortless riding when needed
- allows for a 100% electric, partially electric or unsupported ride
- no discomfort when riding up-hill
- no discomfort on windy days
- no discomfort when starting off (the elderly/joint problems)
- a more independent and relaxing alternative for public transport
- allows for a long and pleasurable bicycle rides
- supports the elderly and the disabled
- a 60-mile ride costs you less than a pound
- allows for a long and pleasurable bicycle rides
- allows for using both roads and cycling paths
- allows for a pleasurable ride in nature reserves and national parks where noisy engines are off limits
- a significant relief to your budget without the need to compromise on comfort



Take you commuting and family rides to a fun level!


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